First-Class Sofa Cleaning in Bromley by Raymond Candy

People in Bromley are often fastidious when it comes to caring for their carpets. Many, however, overlook the sofa or, at best, give it a cursory vacuum from time to time. But just as dirt, dust, pet hair, pollen and other airborne pollutants can come to rest in your carpeting, so too do they come to rest on your sofa. Not only that, but every time someone sits on the sofa those once-airborne pollutants are ground ever further into the fabric, meaning no hoover on earth is going to remove 100% of them. For the highest-quality sofa cleaning in Bromley, you need the experts at Raymond Candy.

Why Raymond Candy?

The pros at Raymond Candy have been providing the people of Bromley with first-class carpet and upholstery care services for years. We understand fabrics, understand shampoos and cleansers, understand stain removal and take the time to do things right. When it comes to sofa cleaning, we pay just as much attention to the out of the way places where bacteria, dust mites and other hazards lurk as we do to the flat of the cushions. This attention to detail is in our blood, but it is also what separates us from the competition and enables us to restore your sofa to a like-new state of cleanliness.

Exemplary Sofa Cleaning in Bromley

If your feet are resting on a nice clean carpet, but the rest of you is nestled into a sofa that’s something less than clean, what’s the point? Make sure your living area is thoroughly clean by having the professionals from Raymond Candy clean your sofa top to bottom. Our sofa cleaning process includes all panels, cushions, sides, cracks and crevices. We also address any and all stains, and if they can be removed, we remove them. Finally, we apply sanitisers and deodorisers and, if you like, fabric protector treatments.

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A sofa that has been professionally cleaned elevates the entire living space and ensures a safe, hygienic environment for everyone. When it’s time to give your sofa some love don’t settle for less, call Raymond Candy on 01959 700205.

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Excellent service provided at a very competitive price. I was completely amazed at the outcome and work standard. Great trustworthy and efficient service, I would highly recommend to everyone considering using this service 10/10.

Mr Paul Newman, Chislehurst

Absolutely brilliant, there was a [coffee] stain and he didn’t give up!

Ms Brooker, Sevenoaks

‘Fuss free experience. Tidy with first class service. Well satisfied with the end result.’

Mr Ayling, Maidstone

“Carpets cleaned to a very high standard. A number of deep stains removed. The work was carried out professionally with minimum of disruption”

Stuart Innes, East Sussex

“He is extremely professional and very knowledgeable. I would strongly recommend”

Andreas Trapania, East Sussex
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