Professional Carpet Cleaning in Petts Wood

The Pett family were shipbuilders who, centuries ago, harvested timber from the area where the town of Petts Wood now stands. But while the forest that once covered this part of Kent is mostly gone, the area is far enough from Central London that greenspaces still abound. On the one hand, that means lots of fresh air. On the other hand, it means lots of dirt from outdoors gets tracked into the house, making it difficult to keep your carpets clean. When you need high-quality carpet cleaning in Petts Wood, Raymond Candy are the ones to call.

Exceptional Carpet Cleaning in Petts Wood

There are lots of companies that rent wet vacs, and if you listen to their sales pitch you’d think that carpet cleaning was as easy as pie. It’s not. For carpet cleaning to be done right the person doing the job needs to understand all the various materials used to make carpets, which ones respond to which treatments, how the materials under the carpet impact it and more. Get any one of these things wrong and your carpets may never be the same. You paid too much for your carpeting to leave its care to chance. The smart thing to do is to call Raymond Candy. We provide exceptional carpet cleaning services that enhance the beauty of your home while extending the life of your carpets.

Invested in the Community

Those of us at Raymond Candy are from this part of Kent. We not only work here, we live here. We are invested in the wellbeing of the community because it’s our community too. That local knowledge also means we understand the risks posed to carpeting by the local environment and are expert at dealing with those risk factors.

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High-quality carpet cleaning involves more than renting a wet vac and crossing your fingers. It requires real-world expertise, years of practical experience, the right equipment as well as patience and persistence. That sums up Raymond Candy quite nicely. For exceptional carpet cleaning services in Petts Wood, call us today on 01959 700205. We take the risk out of carpet care.

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Excellent service provided at a very competitive price. I was completely amazed at the outcome and work standard. Great trustworthy and efficient service, I would highly recommend to everyone considering using this service 10/10.

Mr Paul Newman, Chislehurst

Absolutely brilliant, there was a [coffee] stain and he didn’t give up!

Ms Brooker, Sevenoaks

‘Fuss free experience. Tidy with first class service. Well satisfied with the end result.’

Mr Ayling, Maidstone

“Carpets cleaned to a very high standard. A number of deep stains removed. The work was carried out professionally with minimum of disruption”

Stuart Innes, East Sussex

“He is extremely professional and very knowledgeable. I would strongly recommend”

Andreas Trapania, East Sussex
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