Insect Treatment Cleaning Services Biggin Hill and Surrounding Areas

If you own any woolen carpeting, we recommend our protector treatment against carpet moths and beetles, because once they appear, and if they are allowed to proliferate. carpet moth larvae will completely destroy the face fibres of your carpet, down to the backing.

We are licensed to use commercial grade pesticides on crawling insects. (under UK Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986) This treatment requires at least one hour for the treatment to dry, with no pets, people, or fish bowls & tanks present in the sealed room. Technician will be completely protected with disposable coveralls and gloves, and a respirator.

Endrosis Sarcitrella is the most common carpet moth – often known as the white shouldered house moth, and measure approx’ 1cm head to tail. They are harmless in themselves, but they regularly lay their larvae, particularly at warmer times of year, and it is them eating away at the edges of your carpet, and notably under heavy furniture, large plant pots, and other quiet corners of the house.

This is a commercial/professional strength insecticide service, with carpets treated on both sides around affected areas, floor boards and under sides of furniture must also be treated to ensure complete removal. This is a distinctly different treatment to the products sold in shops. All work is guaranteed, long lasting, and any return of an infestation in treated areas within 6 months will be re-treated free of charge (Pleased to report that no customers have needed an FOC re-treatment so far!)

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