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Coverings these days are made of many different materials; whether they be synthetic man-made polyamides, natural ‘cellulosic’ polymer based fibres like rayon, plant fibres like seagrass, sisal, and jute, and of course animal hair fibres like wool.

Knowing these kinds of differences is absolutely vital to approach safe cleaning and effective stain treatment, and to avoid all the common mistakes, which can be fatal and permanent.

  – It’s one of the reasons why it is worth hiring a proper professional carpet cleaning service.

At Raymond Candy’s we carry a large range of different treatments, suited to your specific fibre/fabric  type, as well as many different specialist spotters, solvents, reducers, and oxidisers, to remove marks & stains effectively and safely.

I use several different machines, with interchangeable brush types, pad types, variable water pressures, and several different cleaning techniques, in order to achieve a successful, safe and professional result every time.

Your carpet or rug will always be force-dried with specialist air movers.

Increasingly we also have more plant based fibres in carpets and rugs at home, which are much trickier to clean correctly, e.g. hemp, sisal or jute. Even the very familiar wool content carpets and rugs must be carefully dried to an acceptable level to avoid damage, as wool is a very absorbent fibre, and prone to browning if the moisture and pH levels are not properly restored after treatment.

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Excellent service provided at a very competitive price. I was completely amazed at the outcome and work standard. Great trustworthy and efficient service, I would highly recommend to everyone considering using this service 10/10.

Mr Paul Newman, Chislehurst

Absolutely brilliant, there was a [coffee] stain and he didn’t give up!

Ms Brooker, Sevenoaks

‘Fuss free experience. Tidy with first class service. Well satisfied with the end result.’

Mr Ayling, Maidstone

“Carpets cleaned to a very high standard. A number of deep stains removed. The work was carried out professionally with minimum of disruption”

Stuart Innes, East Sussex

“He is extremely professional and very knowledgeable. I would strongly recommend”

Andreas Trapania, East Sussex
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